Paul Adom Otchere Set To Reveal Tons Of Positive Things About Ghana Seeking A Bailout From IMF


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Ghanaian journalist, Paul Adom Otchere has also reacted to the decision made by the government of Ghana to seek a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

As a well-known sympathizer and ‘defender’ of the government, the astute journalist who is mostly tagged by Ghanaians as a stomach journalist suggested that Ghana going to the IMF for a bailout is no news because the country has gone for a bailout on 17 previous occasions.

He reacted to this latest development on the official social media handle of Good Evening Ghana on the popular social media platform, Facebook.

The post that he made reads;

“It would appear that Ghana would have to access the IMF policy supervision and financial support for the 18th time in our history but… se enso-nyame-ye !!!
Let’s meet on Good Evening Ghana next week and discuss this honestly and frankly. Have a great weekend.”

Some reactions the post got are;

Hanan-Confidence Abdul – A stomach-motivated journalist like you is an integral part of Ghana’s woes today. Even though Nana Addo was supervising lootocracy, kleptocracy, kakistocracy and autocracy, you kept defending him and his cohorts of Yale-trained criminals. You were ready to lose your kidneys in defence of this bunch of unconscionable and cluess economic lepers. Today, you are telling us to have an honest conversation about Ghana going to IMF. Do you really know what honesty is? Nothing of you remotely bears semblance to honesty. Go and play with your GHc80,000 Christmas tree. Nansis.

Franklin Cudjoe – I think it is 17th not 18th

Jones Assan-Otoo Otam – We will play your videos of criticizing mahama of going to IMF😜😜

Edward Bamfo-Darko – Going to IMF for bailout in a global economic downturn is the worst decision by any country. Fears of economic data in global economic downturn is disillusion. Why didn’t you go to IMF in 2020 and 2021 when all indicators were grounded and rather choosing to do so when indicators are gradually upgrading? As I have said in my previous comments, no time in our economic history can be compared to the current economic situation. We were not an independent country during 1945 when similar problem occurred, and the likeness is this time. Were there IMF at the time? No amount of international financial aid can solve our current internal situation because it’s coming from outside and not inside. If the country’s economic managers are unable to harness local resources and brave through media and opposition propagandas, there is no way the country can come out of the situation. It is time to value our local solutions and stop depending on foreign supports! How long should it take Africans to learn to become independent? Should we always run to West and East for help? Is the Black man not capable of managing his affairs?


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