AKOBI ELEMOSHO – Latest 2022 Yoruba Drama Movie Featuring; Muyiwa Ademola | Aishat Lawal | – Download here


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After the death of Elemosho, stepping into her father’s shoes became challenging as they were others lobbying for the title of her father.

Find out what happens next in this latest Yoruba Drama movie; AKOBI ELEMOSHO. Showing Now on Youtube.com/yorubaplay

Muyiwa Ademola
Aishat Lawal
Asunmo Mistura
Rose Odika
Temitope Iledo

Rose Odika

Wale Rasaq

Okiki Films

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  1. I did not like the way sagi killed aleyenikun like that it should have been a long serious battle…for the previous elemosho to have taken him as the next after him then he should also be powerful…The killing is too fast they shld have struggled more to show they are both powerful and fit for the position even if at all one person must win

  2. Here watching akobi elemosho💃💃💃ma’am aish at dis lovely movie very interesting movie…I knw mojere wil be d next elemosho omo ti eya ba bi ni eya jo…tnx for uploading @yorubaplay🎥 kudos to d cast and d crew…blessed weekend

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