Blasphemy: There Should Be a Limit To Freedom of Speech – Prof. Ishaq Akintola – Download MP4 Video


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Professor Ishaq Akintola an Islamic Scholar and the Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has strongly condemned the killing of a student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto over alleged blasphemy.


  1. Everyone like this guy and other Imam should be arrested. It shouldn't be allowed. All these guys (Imams and Muslim leaders) are the root cause of the problem.

    They must not be allowed to continue.

  2. You're mad professor so your religion accent of killing women beings, that's really serious, why are you conspire South East with this , the Christian women killed by Muslim in Abuja sometime ago noting till date

  3. This is a confused man. It's a shame for any Yoruba to follow this craziness called islam religion. It is thesame Islam religion that destroyed the Old Oyo Yoruba Empire.

    It is well known that Islam is far from religion of peace. It is the only religion that up to now has refused to coexist with other religions. What is blasphemy ? God can fight for Himself. Anybody would people are killing for in his name after death he is no prophet at all.

  4. The countries in your region will only get better for your people once they have eradicated the countless religions and cults , there is no personal god to pray to nor is there any reason to be told what to do by charlatans like this professor , he has an agenda which is maintain his career as an islamic scholar . therefore ,he is totally corrupted by a system of man not one given us by an adults pretend friend in the sky.

  5. This man is a terrorist sympathizer. Majority of the world population will agree that it is unacceptable to trample upon other people's beliefs and religion that including traditional religions of our forefathers, islam, Christianity or whatever but then taking a life ,burning it into carcass and bragging about it is the most barbaric of things any sane person can support. You have a judicial system take the person to court, no jungle justice should be acceptable for whatever reason. Everyone involved in a sane clime will be prosecuted and probably do a long time in prison cos this is similar to Ahmaud Arbery who was racial murderer while Jogging. Everyone involved had to spend the remainder of life in prison but I bet nothing comes out of these cases as a jungle will always remain a jungle.

  6. u are stammerring to make those assertions of PROVOCATIONS..
    and in other parts of your speech , u dont sound like a Stammerer

    it only goes to show that your Brain wires even dont agree with that your statement that Freedom of speech should be limited, that cows burnt is the same as , that 20 fulanis were killed in the East(which EAST pls? and they were killed bc of Jesus Christ?)

  7. how many bottles of Igbo business trainer's of beers have been destroyed in the North . northern religion don't want beers and southern East don't want your cows again.simple issue to resolve. Nigeria is a peaceful country but some setting tribels have chosen to be owner of Nigeria.

  8. A highly educated hypocrite. This is the reason why Africa will forever be at the bottom as long as civilized minds are finding it difficult to say the truth. Nigeria is not an Islamic country!

  9. People keep saying that islam is a religion of peace. Why are they not dealing with the hoodlums who are defaming islam. Islam is the only religion that cannot coexist with others.

  10. Mr professor, you are so biased that it is written all over your face. You keep referring to southeast when soldiers from the southeast are being sent to fight boko haram members in the north. Soldiers are killing young men, women and children in southeast and beyond. I did not hear you condemn that. Are those lives dispensable?.

  11. In this age, people still kill each other because of a prophet! Africans you need to wake up, else you'll just eliminate each other while religions remain!

  12. Ishaq Akintola, the only civilized Islam group I could follow is the Nation of Islam in the USA. Most of the rest are fanatics. What will solve this problem in Nigeria is division. The Yoruba muslim fanatics have the right to migrate to the north where they can fully do all that. We do not want any religion of terrorism in our society. Nigeria constitutionally speaking is a secular state. But it have been hijacked by the terrorists in the name of Islam. School of thoughts are all human thoughts and are most selfishly thought of. No one knows the mind of God, so you don't come to me with your thoughts of what God looks like and so on. Wake up and flush your brain off all these dirty thoughts rather ''Do to others what you want others do to you''.

  13. Ishaq Akintola, you are a tribalistic bigot disguising/masquerading as a religious man. You are one of those fanatics we are talking of. How many times have you preached your gutter religious information to the fanatics in power in Nigeria to stop their brainwashed-followers from hurting others including the ones in the East you mentioned? The indigenous people of the East rejected the terrorist attacks in their lands, but your Buhari didn't do anything to help rather forced the terrorists on the Easterners, right? So, when those people fight back, you keep the records but never for once keep the records of many of the attacks by these Islamic fanatics. Anyways, we won't allow you Ishaq Akintola to brainwash our Yoruba youths and our people generally with your idealism. We will evict you from our lands into the exile sooner than later. If you give Buhari and his regime all that positive remarks means you share the same devilish Islamic fundamentalism with him. If you wanna stop the killing from this side, you must also stop the killings from the other end.We don't want you in our land. Sahara reporter, this is not a man you should interview on your program and never call him ''prof''. Anyways, Nigeria profs are mostly worthless and useless.

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