ADANILORO – Latest 2022 Yoruba Drama Movie Featuring; Okikiola Bakare | Aisha Lawal Bose Akintola | – Download here


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Tinu’s life suddenly turned upside down as one by one, her children died. She is completely unaware that she is paying the price for her husband’s previous wrongdoings.

Find out what happens next in this latest Yoruba Drama movie; ADANILORO. Showing now on

Okikiola Bakare
Aisha Lawal
Bose Akintola
Kemi Afolabi
Oyewole Fasanya

Aisha Lawal

Wale Rasaq

Adekaz Productions

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  1. Very interesting movie . Yes…justice must be made . I doe not have pity for such people . He just destroyed the poor little girl's life & she later dead . That is called Karma

  2. hmmmm Korede is an animal in human flesh my goodness how could he do such a thing to an innocent little girl, Feyisara's mother trusted Korede so much and he destroyed her child's life ,Korede is wicked and heartless ,Parents doesnt trust your child/children with anyone people are evil .

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