DILEMMA – Latest 2022 Yoruba Drama Movie Featuring; Wunmi Toriola | Aishat Lawal | Tayo Amokade | – Download here


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Lola’s encounter with Sesan Bernard was supposed to be the beginning of a fairy tale love story, but instead, it became the origin of her life’s misery.

Find out what happens next in this latest Yoruba Drama movie; DILEMMA. Showing now on Youtube.com/yorubaplay

Wunmi Toriola
Aishat Lawal
Tayo Amokade
Taiwo Ibikunle
Fausat Balogun
Shushu Abubakar

Seun Oloketuyi

Okiki Afolayan

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Bricks & Sand Realty

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  1. DILEMMA 💃💃 Some men are just too wicked 🤔 Lola showed him love with everything she have all just to please him
    Sometimes love can turn someone to fool 😢 Aswear, Sesan is so heartless 😩
    where Aunty Wunmi always makes me laugh 😂 she said with his pot-belly 🤣🤣🤣🤣, we lady's just have to believe with those men's out here. May we never make a wrong choice in Jesus name 🙏🙏
    Thanks for uploading this ❤️

  2. Do we call this love or $tupidity?Mehn it was too much
    Men like Sesan are always quick to be emotional,tell you sweet word and make you feel they're the best man for you and all is deceitful 🤦 BTW Omololola is a beautiful woman 😘I hope women can still learn from this
    Kudos to the cast and crew 👍
    Thanks for uploading this ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Waooo this movie reffer to me but mine is not each to that extent I can never sign it may almighty God grant us all our desires in Jesus name amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻kudos to you all interesting movie

  4. Omoh single lady dey go through alot just to be in marriage 😭 hummm love go turn wise person to mumu 😭 what is calling love self 😩🤲 the words has been showing we lady’s shege 🤷‍♀️ All because of please him a lot of pain hidden still he was a scammer 😩🤲 am scared of fall in love anymore 🤬 man go stain you white 😭🤲 wo I can’t ever sign him ooo

  5. In as much I would have said you should sign the documents for him to succeed in life, Sesan is not a trust worthy person and it won't sound well for you to enter another problem because of him. Let him be going in peace. Very good movie.

  6. I just want to hug this lady called Oluwalolola, absolutely spot on with her role from the beginning to the end. Her calmness and soft spoken voice gives the movie meaning and passed the message across. What a topical movie!!! Keep it up babe!!!

  7. This Lady self act stupidly oo all in d name of love cos in all d only thing he gift her is one stupid wrist watch,d guy is a scam ,d lady is just in love with d wrong person, scammer Aiye

  8. Well I won't even go through all what Lola went through, hence, signing any nonsense document for such man will never come up. I was just angry all thru the movie…

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