You Need To Get Your Brain Checked, Take Your Frustrations Out Of My Page – Bobrisky Warns Those Dropping Hate Comments On His Instagram


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Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has warned trolls to desist from dropping hateful comments on his Instagram.

He stated that not all psychiatric patients are psychologically unstable, and that there are many psychologically ill persons wandering the streets of Instagram who ought to get their brains examined.

Bobrisky was mystified as to why certain people, while not being obligated to, make rude comments on his page.

The brand influencer went on to remark that while he understands that many people are filled with anger, poverty, and other unpleasant emotions, they should not air their grievances on her Instagram page.

In his words;

”Is not all the patients in Yaba are exactly mad, many people on Instagram need their brain checked, you followed an account on ig nobody forced you too yeah!!! And all you do is drop hate comments on that person’s page daily… who force you to follow that account?

To start with i don’t know you, I understand many of you ur life is full of hate, poverty, and many more… but take ur frustrations out of my page. Did anyone force you to follow my account ? I feel personally if you don’t like any of my post you can skip it or unfollow and go ur way, d point I don’t get it is where you come and drop hate comments everyday . Sis/bro life is not that deep honestly enjoy it.”


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