US-based Northerners Caution Nigerian Government Against Negotiation With Bandits


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A group of Northern Nigerians who are based in the United States of America, Dangi USA, has warned the Nigerian government not to enter into any negotiations with bandits.

Daily Trust said the group noted that bandits had wreaked havoc and caused damages that do not give room for negotiation.

The group, in a statement Monday by its spokesman, Kabir lsa Jikamshi, said the bandits had transgressed beyond bounds and should be treated as an existential threat that must be eliminated.

“No previous grievances can justify the wanton destruction of lives and property. Therefore, no one, neither the government nor private parties should negotiate in any form with the bandits.

“We call on the government to remember its cardinal responsibility of protecting life and property. Insecurity is persistent only in an ungovernable situation; please, do not abdicate your responsibilities.

“The government should do more by taking the war to the bandits and enact the necessary legislations that will allow individuals to defend themselves without any reservation.

“It’s disheartening to witness the ongoing despicable acts of kidnapping, ransom collection and gruesome killing of innocent men, women and children, especially in North Western Nigeria,’’ the group said.

It faulted the release of criminals without trial, saying “it is an outright wrong that must be stopped.”


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