AIYE AKAMARA – Latest 2021 Yoruba Drama Movie Featuring; Ronke Odusanya | Adebimpe Oyebade | – Download here


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Tijani and Bibi’s life becomes threatened after meeting their next-door neighbor. The cause for the abrupt alteration remains unknown.

Find out what happened next in this latest Yoruba Drama movie; AIYE AKAMARA. Showing now on

Ronke Odusanya
Adebimpe Oyebade
Jide Awobona
Peju Ogunmola
Abiodun Jimoh
Monsuru Ijaiyegbemi
Anike Ami Olaniyi

Abiodun Jimoh

Abiodun Jimoh

Okiki Films

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  1. Very Interesting, I wish she's closer to God and even tell a man of God about her nightmare instead of discussing with her husband, it's not all discussion one tell someone, no matter how close you are with that person and no matter the position that person belong to in your life, I know there are a lot of fake servant of God are, but no matter what you will find the real ones. In conclusion We should be closer to God

  2. This film is a horror movie. I love the script bcos they arranged it like a real-life situation. This is what some people are facing in real life and how they initiate people into cults! Patiently waiting for Part 2. The title fits perfectly with the story.

  3. How can Bibi keep everything to herself, not consulting anyone for advice nor go onn her knees to pray despite her God given spirit of discernment. I feel so scared for her. Husband using his own wife for rituals, aiye yi ma le o😭. Patiently waiting for part two👍🏽

  4. No this film is actually one of the best. Interesting movies are not only about theft( I mean notorious fortified arm robber) or biggest fraudsters. It all about Brain and lessons, this guy thinking faculty is really high. He structured the movie well. If you guys noticed something, 90% of the scenes are based on that same estate and same house. No he really did a good job. more of it sir…

  5. Hmm aye totoo aye akamara, may the Lord almighty always protect us, and the rest is how to be close to God, Kudos to all the cast and crew, and thanks for the upload

  6. This movie thought me a great lesson…. To God in everything put God first…, Can't wait for part 2 Great job well done all the cast and Crew award is waiting for you.., thank you too Yoruba play.

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