You’re A Fool If You Hide Your Financial Dealings From Your Wife – Prophetess Obi


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Nigerian female preacher, Prophetess Patience Obi has said that she pities men who hide their financial dealings from their wives.

In a recent online church service she held, she describe married men who keep their finances from their wives as a fool and jokers who are toying with their lives and future.

Prophetess Obi urged men to see their wives as their most trusted ally for which reason they must let them know everything they do when it comes to what they do with their money.

She pointed to fact that men confides in friends, siblings or colleagues about their financial dealings but they are making a gravy mistake as they will betray him.

Watch the video below;

See some comments her utterances generated on Instagram below;

@amazing wrote; Men, marry women you trust enough to reveal your financial dealings!!! Most of y’all don’t trust your women and when things go south, some innocent women suffer consequences that could’ve been avoided

@cityfurhubo wrote; `The love is strong when the acct is fat, see her misbehaving when it’s low. Men Don’t do it please. Commenting from experience`

@emmanuelchijioke wrote; `But the ladies can hide theirs right? Ask them simple question about what they earn and what it turn to something else.

@donibrahim wrote; `I Support The Motion,But Don’t Let Her Know Your Worth And Current Acct Balance 😢

@phemmypoko wrote; `Don’t hide anything not just your finances. Be transparent. Most marriages fail because secret too much and trust no dey.

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