Activism, Poetry And Struggle In Nigeria – An Interview With Baba Aye – Download MP4 Video


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In an interview with Trade unionist, socialist and Co-convener, Coalition for Revolution (CORE) Baba Aye talks about his background, politics and writing.


  1. I'm so glad that Baba Aye mentioned the fact that ~70 Nigerians died in anti-SAP riots in Nigeria (May/June 1989), I was in Unilag. This massacre never made western media headlines because the Nigerian Government, as has always been, was only representing the interests of the Corporate-Nigeria. However, similar events going on at that same time at the Tiananmen Square would rather generate western interests for global view.

    Nigerian government has never been in the interests of the common Nigerians but the corporate-Nigeria.

    Corporate-Nigeria, finds the real development of Nigerians within Nigeria as inimical to money making out of Nigeria.

    I feel you, Baba Aye.

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