[VIDEO] Kabiyesi If I Praise U,I Will Not See U Again, See What Ooni Of Ife Wife Said On Her Last Birthday – Download MP4 Video


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Kabiyesi If I Praise U I Will Not See U Again, See What Ooni Of Ife Wife Said On Her Last Birthday
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  1. God help us in this hard trying time. Almighty God is anything hard for you to do? No not one. All power belong to God. Ko sohun to soro foluwa. Ko sohun to le ti Oluwa o le so dero.

  2. Television love, hmmmm, we don day see am day come since. When camera 📷 nor day there, hmmm, na there u go know if the love way paparazzi carry different from the love way Couples day go through different.

  3. Married couples are the best actors and actresses. It is true that when in public or with guests , we change scenes and the partners are usually fully involved in the drama but as soon as the guests are gone, sorry , we are back to our real self and is so disheartened that such deep pretence can exist in most families forgetting the effects on children. May God save our marriages for his name sake and for the sake of our children who are leaders of tomorrow.

  4. Lord God Jehovah have mercy on this family and deliver them from enemies they dont know and living with them. They were not happy with their joy, but God Almighty will not leave our Kabiyesi /Queen Naomi Silekunola from destroyers. There must be serious adjustment and realignment in some of the activities in and outside the palace for everyone involved. Extended family must not cause seperation to the union at all not now that Prince Tadenikaro Aderemi has brought more joy and peace to Yoruba race at large. Queen Naomi you don't understand your role, you married to Onniorisa, our royal father in in the south. Please, jebure oo yeye wa.

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