[VIDEO] Olori Will Be plenty In D Palace:Ooni Of Ife Celebrate His Wife For Surprising Him On His Birthday – Download MP4 Video


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Olori will Be plenty In The Palace: See How Ooni Of Ife Celebrate His Wife For Surprising Him On His Birthday
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  1. I just love seeing Queen Naomi's face, Dear Kabiyesi what do you mean by saying olori will be plenty in the palace ? , Is that your passport to Heaven or to travel to abroad or to have good health or to have plenty children ? U have tried it does it works 4 u ? People says it is traditionaly 4 kings , must u do that ? Kabiyesi please don't let Queen lives with fear , I have never set,my eyes on Naomi , I just loved ❤ her

  2. What's going on??? The Olori looks at him with true happiness, adoration & respect – Guys, pay attention to the way she looks at him when speaking to her. Something terribly went wrong, she does not seem battered, abused or mistreated.

    The Oba needs help o with whatever the situation is. If a spouse cannot cry out for help but rather opt for a divorce, o k ko ja bee….

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