[VIDEO] [ Naomi Divorce Ooni] See Back Then When Ooni Of Ife New Queen Sits Beside Queen Naomi & The King – Download MP4 Video


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See Back Then When Ooni Of Ife New Queen Sits Beside Queen Naomi & The King [ Naomi divorce Ooni]
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  1. Why are people complaining about the new wife? Are they married to her or is she married to them. People needs to keep their noses out of other peoples businesses. That's was how people took sides when P-Square had a disagreement and broke up. Now they are back together so what have those who took sides back then got to say for themselves? Bury their heads in shame. Know when not to get involved in others peoples businesses and if you do know what to say!

  2. Please Oni of lfe since you are a Christian, because l saw you assigned and reading the Bible in the Church one of the Sundays,so remove all the dongy ldols, deities lfa, oracles etc from the Palace.Exodus20vs4..and stick to your one legal wife Queen Naomi..Give other women quite notice…Then you will see,Kabiesi you Queen Naomi will return to you..We don't have have to decieve ourselves, Jehovah God Almighty, Father of Jesus Christ does not condone ldols, deities, oracles, lfa, etc…The Clergymen, Bishops all religious leaders know this.In Jerusalem read what King Josiah did…2Kings23vs4-10..he burnt all the false gods and goddesses..So Oni of lfe, please do the same.Then you see : Queen Naomi will return to..The bible is not against the culture or traditions that Jehovah God accept eg good decorum, respect for elders, greetings, cultured speech etc..But God Almighty is against ldol festivities, worship,lfa, oracles etc.That was why Queen Naomi left the Palace..Oni of Ife,if you do,and follow what the Bible says,l promise you, Queen Naomi will return to you.gdmng.check the website jw.org

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