How My Nigerian Lover Ran Away With My Life Savings, Kenyan Businesswoman Narrates Ordeal Finding Love


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A heartbroken Kenyan lady identified by a fictitious name, Lynn, has accused her Nigerian lover, Femi, of disappearing into thin air with all her savings. 

Lynn disclosed this to Kenya’s leading online news outlet, Tuko. 

The victim who lives in the Kileleshwa area, Nairobi, told Tuko that she dated the Nigerian man, Femi, for roughly four months.

“I met him on September 11, 2021, at a hotel in Lagos. I was on holiday and we exchanged numbers. We became close for the two weeks I was in Nigeria and he even spent nights in my room,” Lynn said.

The light-skinned businesswoman said she was happy after meeting Femi and “thought God had answered my prayers of dating a Nigerian man.”

“In early November, Femi travelled to Kenya and I agreed to host him. He was so romantic and would cook for me Nigerian food, buy expensive liquor and my friends were envious of our relationship,” she narrated. 

The 31-year-old said she was convinced Femi was the one and that she was willing to do anything to please him, even giving him her car to drive around whenever he was going to meet his friends.

The woman said when she met Femi, she was in an on-and-off relationship with a Congolese man, who kept cheating on her. She said she eventually dumped him. 

Lynn said on Sunday, December 12, she went to Naivasha, a town near Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, with her girls’ squad for an event that went down on Monday, December 13. She left Femi back in Nairobi at her house because they were an item. 

The businesswoman said the Nigerian man packaged himself as a caring, loving man. He had promised to take her to Nigeria in January 2022 to meet his family and embark on wedding plans. She said they had tried to have a kid in the three months they were together but weren’t lucky yet.

On Tuesday, December 14, Lynn returned to Nairobi, but upon reaching her house, Femi was nowhere to be found.

“I called him and he told me he was at his friend’s place in Kilimani for a party and would come the following day,” she recalled. At around 8 pm the same day, Lynn said she opened her closet to take KSh 20k from her safe, but she was shocked to see it open.

“I screamed so loudly. I was in shock. Only Femi and I knew the password to my safe. I called him asking if he had taken the KSh 900k (around N3.2 million) and he denied it,” Lynn narrated.

Lynn called her home help, who told her she hadn’t gone to her house since she (Lynn) left for Naivasha.

“I tried calling Femi but his phone was mteja (off) and that’s how I knew I had been scammed. We were planning to travel to Zanzibar for the Christmas and New Year holidays and spend the cash there,” she said.

Lynn said she decided to check CCTV cameras in the security guards’ room, and it clearly showed Femi leaving her house with a backpack.

The heartbroken woman said she was still shocked and could not believe a man she loved so much could scam her. “All that glitters is not gold. Be careful with the men you meet out here ladies,” she advised.

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