Nigerian Woman Fixes Federal Road; Ethiopians Vs. Western Media; French Troops Pull Out Of Mali – Download MP4 Video


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0:00 – News Highlight
0:42 – Intro
0:58 – Natasha Akpoti spends N310 million on federal road
17:20 – French troops pull out of Mali
19:12 – Ethiopians accuse western media of being biased
37:36 – Depression management course


  1. I'm happy for Aunty Natasha. God bless her real good. All these people celebrating her now. Should she come out to context, they will start talking party this party that.

  2. Great work by Natasha, the elegant and compassionate politician. Thank you Adeola for airing her service to humanity. If either the state of federal government had fixed that portion of the road, they would have claimed they did it for over two billion Naira. I am deeply touched.

  3. It seems like most Ethiopia only deals with Arabs, whites and Indians. They deal more with these race of people than they do with other blacks ( bantu ). So do they really have an issue with the west, some of them even insult us bantu and they link with racist whites in America to racist the bantu ( negro ). I love Ethiopia , I just don't like the fact that the bantu is excluded. The Nigerian youtuber was insulted bantu for just walking in the street as a tourist

  4. Natasha kindly send the cost to Fashola so the federal government can refund you the total cost of the road construction as the tradition is with state governments that fixes federal road. This way you can use the money and do more projects DONT let the government get away with this.

  5. It had come to my knowledge about a year ago that a very big church has offered to fully repair/construct roads in the communities where they were building (and have now built) their major projects but could not proceed because the government (LG and upwards) demanded that they should instead hand over the money for the road construction/repairs to them. And they would 'build' the road. In other places, the government officials demanded hefty bribes. The head of the church denomination, then himself met with them. They reiterated their demand. That is even the aspect of the story that was the most depressing as an indicator of the state of the country, for my informant and those involved. That anyone could open their mouth to that particular religious/spiritual eminence, to that man, and not even just ask, but demand a bribe. Which bribe, of course, from him, is never going to happen. The communities did not rise up. Probably too oppressed. The situation is similar re Dangote. I was informed, during the same discussion a year ago, that he wanted to build the road where he was building some major projects, and the government officials insisted he should hand the money over. Both the church and Dangote were told they had no jurisdiction, authority to take over the building of the roads from the government and they were to hand over the money to the government who would then build the roads. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Girl,girl you’re beautiful ,and your beauty shine In other women around the African nation keep shining on us.what you doing for your country Nigeria I wish men and women in position with money can do what you doing in my country thanks my sister God,we bless you with long life and prosperity amen

  7. As beautiful as this sounds. If the woman contests for governorship position again those people singing and praising her will still not vote for her. They will still vote for thieves. I actually don't know what our problem is in this country.

  8. Pretty Natasha with a pretty heart and a smart brain! I salute her 🙋🏻‍♀️
    Great body Adeola, what are you eating or not eating? You look great 🙌🏽

  9. I think you got some things wrong. First, Ethiopians are no saying western media conspired with western governments to report inaccurate news. What they're saying is that western media is Ill informed on the situation in Ethiopia. Like the false report on the rebels being near Addis Ababa, or CNN using images that were later identified to be fake images, or their lack of understanding of the catalyst of the war, or their lack of reports on violence perpetrated by the rebels on innocent people, and so on.

    And second, no Ethiopian said Tigrayans are terrorists. Ethiopians often make it clear that the fight is against the rebel TPLF, not against the people of Tigray. You were right in that Ethiopian politics are complicated, as most often African politics are in general, so it's important for a lot of research to be done before reporting on the issue, rather than media just copy pasting from each other. At least in recent times some of the media has tried to rectify it's mistakes and is giving somewhat of a neutral coverage.

  10. Without even listening till the end, tears rolled from my eyes to see that Natasha repaired a Federal road that pathetic FG or state govt couldn’t repair for 30 yrs and the officials even have the effrontery to come and ask why she’s repairing the road stinks to the Bone.
    Adeola like you said Julius Berger and other established construction company or state Government could have done something.
    As for the Governor, he should forget presidency
    Believe today there is no government in Nigeria

  11. A good person that has the fear of God CANNOT rule Nigeria. If they manage to get into power they would be terminated or roped into problems. So it's better she doesn't bother about power. GOD BLESS YOUR GENERATION NATASHA you have just assisted generations, so u shall be blessed ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Talking about what this lady, Natasha did is very beautiful but as a politician I feel like she has an intention. But if you say she has a construction company, then maybe it was for a good course then time will tell.

  13. This episode was longer than usual but honestly it was worth the time and I like how you had to explain your angle and objectives for viewers to understand. The painful part is just that we'll still have people who are bent on getting the wrong idea. Aunty Deola well done and thank you for bringing Africa closer to me

  14. Africans' admired Ethiopia for its apparent Unity and Defense against foreign and colonial incursion (particularly led by Emperors in Tigray itself), but it does seem that the internal ethnic divisions are harsh, where the players see the mass destruction of their own people as a price worth paying for temporary power. It would be interesting to know what endgame is for the TPLF for example.

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