How My Cousin Was Strangled To Death By Lover For Receiving Call From Ex-Boyfriend — Nigerian Man Demands Justice


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A Nigerian man, Benjamin Emily Charles, has called for justice for his cousin, Ashulee Winnie Bahago, who he claimed, was strangled to death by her boyfriend.
In a Facebook post, the young man alleged that his cousin had gone to visit her boyfriend and while at his place, received a call from her ex-boyfriend and this infuriated her boyfriend who beat her and during the struggle, killed the lady.

He said the family has since been thrown into so much pain and confusion. The incident was said to have occurred in U/Boro, Kaduna State.
He wrote, “The Bastard That Killed My Cousin Sister Here In U/Boro, Oh…! Winnie (Ashuli)…! RIP. When she went to his house, and a call from her ex-boyfriend came on her phone. And that create a quarrel where he slapped her and she slapped back and said she would leave his house and never come back again, so he blocked his door that she would not leave and then she began struggling; and there he started beating her, till he strangled her to death.
“Pls and pls help us cry for Justice. My entire family are in pain now. This monster shouldn’t go free. God bless the humble soul of our beloved sister Ashulee Winnie Bahago.”

Benjamin said the suspect whose name he gave as Sylvester Folorunsho, was now in police custody.
Salama Adams, another relation to the deceased revealed that the suspect was a married man who engaged in domestic violence which made his wife leave him with the kids.
In her Facebook post quoting the father of the suspect, Folorunsho, since his wife left him, had since paraded himself as a single young man to young ladies whom he also assaulted while dating them.
She wrote, “The Murderer of Ashuli (Winniefred) who is Folorunsho Sylvester Ayo (a.k.a Sly) is a Pastor’s son, whom’s Father Pastor Folorunsho said, “We stay here in Jakarander after Maraba Rido Kaduna, but Sylvester my son left home 7 years. Since then, I have not set my eyes on him, and he hasn’t called any one of us: I and his mother, and we don’t even have his number but we always get information about him from my brother who is his Uncle.”
“Sylvester has wife and son, whom because of his regular beating on his wife, she left him. And he is now disguising himself to young ladies as someone who doesn’t have a wife, and he is always abusing them.
”From previous posts, two ladies have confessed whom their names will not be mentioned, “that even in their relationship life with him, he is always violent and they have narrowly escaped from his beating.”
“And a young man also narrated that this same person Ayo, “has beaten his friend in Zion Nursery and Primary School, to a point that the boy Stool in his trouser. If this guy is set free, who else will be the next victim? All we want is justice.”

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