Ado Ijogbon 2 Latest Yoruba Movie 2021 Drama Starring Sanyeri | Peju Ogunmola|Aishat Raji|Dele Odule- Download MP4 Video


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The mantle of leadership is given to the king but one of his palace cabinet, Ado Ijongon oversee and rule the affairs of the community instead of the king. Any attempt to curb his excesses leave a bitter tale as he seems too powerful to conqure.
Starring: Sanyeri, Dele Odule, Mr Latin, Peju Ogunmola, Aishat Raji, Ola Afeez.

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  1. So which Ifa or Oracle is asking you to sacrifice or kill sentient beings for anything? You just addicted to bloodshed which has nothing to do with Ancient Ifa or Ifa Oracle.

  2. Ogaooo kilowa sele si ado,ni otito nkan ti kabiesi see oda,sugbon ado lo pa omo re,nitori pe oma pe ilu fe see etutu fun lu owa fi omo sile pe ko jade lo sebi iya omo na ko fun omo na sugbon ado so pe ko lo,owa so pe wo fi omo re bo re,see eyan ko lo bi ajoji ni,see ebi kabiesi ni abi see kabiesi fa omo na jade ni,nkan ti aba ti pe ni ewo dandan ni ewo ni

  3. Good start, but poor ending…what happened to Ado? What happened to the princess' husband? The ending is a complete mess. Seems the movie was produced in a rush. So many inconsistencies in the storyline

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