Police Officer Who Allegedly Deals And Uses Narcotic Substances Caught At Achimota Old Station


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A young police officer who is in his late 20s has landed into trouble with the law after some area boys caught him using narcotic substances at the Achimota Old Station.

The police officer is seen in a video trying to plead with the irate youth who accused him of dealing and using illegal substances and one of the guys was holding one of the illegal substances

The police officer who looked frail quite frankly seemed to know some of the guys as he referred to one by his name

Watch the video

Reacting to the video;

@kwekuwilliam wrote; `Have i take money from you before?” Is that one too a question? Massa the IGP is waiting for you πŸ˜‚

@hereisdavido wrote; `I know him.he frequents old station alot yesterdae around same time he fell of his motorbike at achimota old station he was lucky not be killed and he looked a bit drunk too..not suprised to see the video..😒😒😒

@supernaturalgrace wrote; `These are the officers that gives their uniforms for robbing πŸ˜’πŸ˜’β€¦it’s a shame

@ghrevival wrote; `😒Before we judge this police man, observed two things 1. He seems to be still under an influence of a substance 2. He could identify some of the people around them, infact mentioned a name. I feel he may be soo connected to them this was a plot for him, a way to tarnish his image . Or way to him to trouble for something he might have done or any information he may have. Yes it’s not right for him to be there, it’s an insult to uniform. But Ghana police must hear him first before taking off his Uniform or reducing his rank possible responds from the force 😒😒


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