Izombe carnage: Woman dies days after she was burnt by soldiers


36-year-old Faith Okebata, has died days after she got burnt by some military men who invaded Izombe in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo state, last Friday.

Faith, who was one of the people who got burnt, died at the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri on Friday, after medical personnel battled in vain to save her life.

It was gathered that Faith got terribly burnt while she was fighting to rescue her mother-in-law, Mrs Catherine Okebata, who had a stroke seven years ago.

WITHIN NIGERIA recalls that soldiers invaded the community in a revenge military operation, setting houses ablaze in the process.

One of the houses set ablaze was that of the country home of the victim. Scalded by fire, the mother of four who got married in 2011, was rushed to FMC — Owerri.

According to PUNCH, a source said, “The woman was trying to rescue her mother-in-law who was in the house after the soldiers set it on fire. She succeeded in rescuing her but she burnt got severely burnt as her breasts, face and other parts of her body were completely burnt. She couldn’t make it. She has left behind four children, including a young husband.”

The deceased’s husband, Sunday Okebata, said ” I feel pained that my wife died because she was trying to rescue my sick mother. Our country home, including all our property got burnt as the military set it on fire.”

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