How To Check If You Belong To Stream I Or Not


There is this viral trick that people always use to check maybe they will go with Stream I or not.

Every batch, every stream, there will always be a moment when this trick will surface again.

Now is the time and it has been going viral again as I have been getting messages from PCM asking me about it. You should know me by now that if it’s not official, you will not see it here. [Read also: How To Choose Or Skip NYSC Stream – Full Details]

But instead of ignoring your questions about this trick to check either you belong to Stream I or not, I will show you and also drop my own comment after.

Let me show you the trick.

STEP 1. CLICK HERE to go to the portal.

STEP 2. Enter your Gmail and password to login.

STEP 3. Click on Course Correction.

After clicking on course correction, look down and check if the word “Mobilised” is there. See the screenshot below:

How To Check If You Belong To Stream I Or Not

The popular claim is that if you see “Mobilised” on this page, it is confirmed that you are going with Stream I. Alternatively, if you cannot see “Mobilised” it means you are not with Stream I.

The fact about this is that this trick above is not 100% accurate. The only way you can know if you are going with Stream I is when the call-up letter is out.

Those that will get the call-up letter will belong to Stream I and those that did not get call-up letter will be automatically moved to Stream II.

Kindly follow the steps above to check your dashboard and comment below what your dashboard is displaying. Comment Mobilized or Not Mobilized.

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