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SYNOPSIS : A must watch nollywood blockbuster you must not miss as the saying goes a promise is a debt, the king of the land is on the verge of loosing his life here comes an innocent man who played his flute and brought the king back to live again, but there is a twist as the king gave a decree that what so ever he want he is going to give him his request and it is sealed by the king, will the king regret his decree or will go back on his words find out more as he movie unfolds in the movie dangerous oath.

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  1. I'm 🧘 here waiting for the war between the prince and Mike to begins 🥱 Val you're a big fool for calling the girls village thing as if Lizzy is not a village girl🤷🤦 Good answer Lizzy 👌

  2. The prince need a slap to wake up alot of girl around why you want to married a next man woman ofter all what that guy do to make the king alive on you king are wicked Oooo 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  3. Seriously, Prince you are wrong "money is not everything you can't pay dis 2 people off just like that."
    I appreciate Ekene and Mmachi boldness to speak the truth in front of the royal household.
    Both of them have come a long way.

  4. I thank God that Ekene and Lizzy took a oath so it will be very difficult for the rude and arrogant prince to get married to Lizzy. You didn't see another lady to marry but someone's wife to be. Nonsense

  5. Who noice that Lizzy change her her dress, when she was going to the palace she wear the zebra 🦓 side for back and Tigger side for front, when she come back for the palace she wear the Tigger for front and zebra for front. And she still change it when she was with her husband. Tigger for front side and zebra for back side.

  6. What is wrong with this Prince why is he insistenting on Mmachi marrying Mmachi although they told him that Mmachi he cannot marry Mmachi he is still pushing for it and the king I thought he was a fear King they even went to the chief priest to ask about it what wickedness. Now the King is trying to buy him off you were gloating all the time now you see what is behind it. I don't know why those royal people want to take what is not theirs. That's not fear Who the hell does he think he is. That king is a wicked man he and all was fighting for Ekene and Mmachi to be together and now he wants to take her away from Ekene to give to his son. So he going to bribe the father that is so greedy . Good I hope he stand his ground and don't change his mind. That Igwe not easy. That King forgot is Ekene that save his life when he was dying, those royal people believe everything is money.

  7. This royal family has some nerves 😳 did she tell you she was suffering… ahaha look at this king we have to make a move can you imagine the level of wickedness! So just because you have money you think you have the right to do whatever you want Abi

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