“Reduce The Hypocrisy Of Conception Testimonies,” Comedian Twyse Tells Christians


"Reduce The Hypocrisy Of Conception Testimonies," Comedian Twyse Tells Christians
Twyse Ereme

Popular Nigerian comedian, Abraham Ereme, better known as Twyse, has addressed Christians about conception testimonies in a public post shared on his Instagram Story.

The comic content creator wrote that Christians should not forget to add the real truth about how the miraculous conception came to be which could be via IVF, IUI, or surrogacy.

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“When you people are sharing testimony about conception, please don’t forget to add how it actually came about (in some or most cases). Whether it was IVF, IUI, surrogacy etc. Let other people know these things. It might help limit their frustration,” he wrote.

The comedian’s post

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