EPL: I hate to be called a goal poacher – Lukaku


Chelsea striker, Romelu Lukaku, has said he hates to be called a “goal poacher”.

The Belgium international thinks he is at his best when facing opponents.

Lukaku has scored 255 times in club football and 67 goals for his country.

But the 28-year-old is eager to point out that he is about much more than hitting the back of the net.

He told UEFA’s official website: “The way I’m built – I’m quite big – everybody thinks I’m a sort of target man: just holding up the ball and being a goal poacher. But I’ve never played that way and I hate it.

“My biggest strength is that I’m dangerous when I’m facing towards the goal, because that’s when I rarely make wrong choices.

“After I pass the ball, I know where I have to position myself in the box. I can do a bit of everything and in some games when I know there is a lot of space behind the defence, I play differently.

“The reason I’m so productive [in front of goal] is because I can do a bit of everything.

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