Female Student Collapses Three Times After She Was Told Her Lecturer Died Of AIDS


A yet-to-identified female undergraduate has reportedly collapsed after receiving the news of the death of one of her lecturers.

Spend0Gustav0, via the microblogging platform, narrated how an unnamed female student collapsed thrice on hearing the sad news of her lecturer’s death, who allegedly died of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

Reasons for her sudden collapses are yet to be made public but according to those, who took to the comment section of the tweet, they made some assumptions.

Most assumed that there is a tendency that she had a romantic affair with her late lecturer which might have triggered her.

The tweet read; “My female coursemate fainted 3 times after she heard the news that our lecturer died of AIDs. I no understand why she faint”

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In other news, a baby who started menstruating at the age of four months has survived a unique ovarian cancer at age two.

Faustine Andeso, Baby Bibian’s mother told The Standard at their Likuyani home in Kakamega County, Kenya, that her daughter began menstruating at four months old.

Before it began, she revealed that Bibian started exhibiting symptoms of a girl about to begin puberty. She started having acne, pubic hairs and her breasts became fuller. When she took her to the hospital Bibian was treated for blood infection and was given antibiotics, but the next month the same thing happened again and she bled for five days as she had the first time.

Andeso said she started moving from hospital to hospital to find a cure for her child’s condition.

Her husband left her in the midst of the problem and she began to run into debts

In December 2019, while visiting her mother, Bibian’s grandmother noticed that Bibian was bloated and she advised her daughter to take her grand-child to the hospital.

At some point, my mother was bathing Bibian and she noticed that the girl was bloated. She advised me to take her to hospital. I attributed the bloating to her big body because I am also big bodied,” Faustine says.

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