[VIDEO] Arike Lizzy Anjorin P.A Says Her Side of Story,Words Of Prayer, Send Warning To Theater Practitioner – Download MP4 Video


Arike Lizzy Anjorin P.A gives Word of prayer,Side of story,Send Strong Warning 2Theater Practitioner
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  1. Please you need to give your life to Jesus Christ and stop talking on this matter wetin if you can't not settle it don't add more now what do you want to gain pls focus on God for you to fulfill destiny joor kofejo sile and lawal should take care of his children,lizy tepamose e God will crown your efforts leave matter jo arike

  2. Arike why are you causing this big… can’t you talk and explain urself, ewo lepe… And I can’t figure anything out of this ur nonsense talk … I Love Alhaja lizzy but why is ur own too much… this curse is much haba

  3. But Lizzy husband caused all this problem,when he knows he can finish,why did he start look at your dirty mouth,so you want the man to be embarrassing his wives,oloriburuku ni gbogbo yin,egbe oko oloko sile oleeeeeeee

  4. See this idiot self dey talk! Lizzy don teach her wetin she go talk! Awon oloriburuku yeyebrity, instead of you to advise your madam to stop barking on social media and face her business! Nah only she be celebrity wey Dem dey drag abi? always constituting nuisance up and down awon were! You arike u no dey look mirror abi? Ur madam wey Don dey talk since 2019 never win with all her curse.. se nah u want win abi, awon ode😂😂😂

  5. If you and your mad madam Lizzy like shout from now till 2030 no one give a fuck abt u guys again! You wey dey curse people see as u be! English you can't speak awon eyan lateef u re shenceless 😂😂 awon wanna be celebrity! Arike ariya eleke papo.. elenu shonti ugly thing!! Why you know mention their name nah madam gangan dey jealous because she want fame but yeye fame she get, madam nparo omodo ngbe ! Ur madam go enter another depression eyin alailoju ti yin… Oloshi no body dey carry their their matter again for Instagram except them fight with ologo omo

  6. Waoo waoo Arikee adeey my daughter name sake l love 💘 so so much for what u say u are a good PA to ur boss God will continue to bless u and Alhaja Lizzy mumcy florda u can fail dawn lailai Allah is ur Shepherd love 💘so much

  7. Can somebody tell this woman the repercussions of what she is doing? Cursing and using Quaran and Bible simply means she is the first to be served. Secondly, my major problem with Lizzy is the curses which you the so called loyal PA is doing here it's obvious "birds of the same feathers flock together. All the curses will go back to your head because nobody asked your Iya wa to be disgracing herself on cyber space. You left the needful and you are here blabbing. Go and advise your boss to stop exposing herself on social media and go and fix you teeth joor. Gerrrrout

  8. When they talk about her or abuse her, we are waiting to see what you will do mumu. There is freedom of speech madam eji njo rice. If your iya wa come out to say rubbish, they will finish her and we will listen. Lobatan. Come to our house and fight. Na your teeth dem go take recognise you. Eru owo.

  9. Can you please send me lizy phone number for a little advice ,just leave them with their characters , the enemies of Lizy will soon be erased from this land of God Almigthy

  10. Lizzy cause everything from day one . Even if shes good than this she dont need to be coming out aways to respond to everyone. See how she drag toyin then . She need to go and beg that lady maybe esan lo n ke yii

  11. See a prosperity person
    We av alot of enemy
    But wt all God is one rock
    One wt God is majority
    Pls tell sister Lizzy
    Not to talk again no matter what anyone says again
    Silent is d better answer for fools atlist she's not d only woman to be d 3rd or 4th or even 5th

  12. Hmmmm Abike if you love Lizzy you should not come out swearing .All these you can to do on cyber space is not necessary at all. Only God is the best judge not human beings.You can come out to promote Lizzy projects positively leaving out Lizzy private life. Stop this type of outbursts!!! All you came here doing is not expected of positive thinker.

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