How Suspended DCP Abba Kyari’s Policemen Tricked Me, Failed To Arrest Suspected Fraudsters – Nigerian Businessman Laments


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Omojiade Edokpa, a Nigerian businessman, has narrated how policemen attached to the Inspector-General of Police’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) under the then Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, connived with fraudsters who swindled him of over N50million. 

Edokpa, who owns BDG Real Estate Company fully operational in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said in 2017 that he was in need of money to complete an ongoing project in Dubai.

He said he had reached out to Hilton Enearu, a real estate agent in Nigeria, to discuss possible sale of his house in Lagos State to raise money for his project in Dubai. 

He added that, unknown to him, Enearu and others had a dubious motive of taking over his properties.

In his account sent to SaharaReporters, Edokpa said, “I am from Ewu, Esan Central In Edo State. I own a real estate company by name; BDG Real Estate which was dully registered with operational office in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. I had an ongoing project which I needed to complete in Dubai in 2017, flip over money and at some point, I needed extra cash. 

“In October 2017, I approached Hilton Enearu whom I knew as a real estate agent and freelancer in Lagos to discuss the possible sale of my house in Lagos to raise funds. Hilton Enearu introduced me to his friend and partner, Joshua Maduka who was also into the business of car sales with him at CMD Complex, CMD Road beside DSS Shangisha, Magodo. They were all friends living together.

“Hilton Enearu and Joshua Maduka had a meeting and said they would rather give me a loan of N5million to support my real estate business. But they gave me a condition that I pay back N3million interest within three months which is N8million. I would also use my house documents as a collateral (two units of 2 two-bedroom flats in Ayo Adekoya Close, Shangisha Magodo worth over N40million). 

“Even though the reasons weren’t clear, I trusted him. So I agreed because I could get funds within same time from my business and pay back. I came back to Nigeria for that purpose. They came up with an agreement drafted by Maduka’s lawyer. 

“On 14th November 2017, barely two weeks after the agreement was signed, Hilton Enearu, Joshua Maduka and Mr. Johnson came to me with the proposal to buy the house which was used as a collateral. At first, I was not comfortable with the idea, but Hilton Enearu and Johnson convinced me that Joshua could pay for the property using initial N8million (loan and interest as part payment).

“Hilton Enearu and Mr. Johnson insisted that Joshua must buy for N28million. Hilton Enearu insisted I sign an authorisation for him to sell at N28Million. Joshua brought an agreement that he would pay N10milion and make a balance payment of N10million on January 1, 2018. I was already back to Dubai and since I needed more money, I obliged.  

“To my greatest surprise, Joshua paid the money to Hilton (his friend’s) bank account. I was taken aback when Hilton Enearu said he had the authority to sell my house as my agent. Hilton Enearu sent me N7million as against what was agreed. These three friends acted as a buyer, an agent and a witness against me on my house not knowing they deceived me and put my house up for another buyer, claiming they have the right to sell while I was in Dubai.”

Edokpa said amid his ordeal, IRT officials asked him to pay N450,000 to secure the arrest of Hilton and Maduka.

He, however, said the official failed to arrest the Hilton and Maduka.

“He made true his threat in October 2019; Joshua Maduka came to my house, with some violent IRT police officers from Abba Kyari’s office. They beat and harassed my wife, then took us away. I was first taken to Ibadan and then to IRT office called Abbatoir in Abuja. 

“I was dehumanised to say the least and made to sign all sorts of agreement that I would pay back the N5.5million under duress. I was released on bail and paid the balance N2.5million which I owed Joshua as balance for his total initial deposit of N15million as received by me.

“I wrote a petition that was signed and approved by IRT and Lagos Panti office for Hilton Enearu to be arrested. I never knew it was a plan to get more money from me that I never had, having formed alliance with Hilton Enearu and Joshua Maduka. 

“Since then the IPO refused to answer or return my call. I have been traumatised as this whole event had taken a toll on my marriage, my home is broken as my wife has left me. I had to relocate to my village in Ewu, Edo State to go into farming.

“Only last week 10th September 2021, one year and six months after I paid N450,000 to them, I got information again from a relative who signed shorty for me by name Pastor Godstime Edokpa that the same IRT office whom I paid money to for them to arrest and prosecute the fraudsters who made me lose everything, connived with them and now wants to get me arrested again by Hilton Enearu and Joshua Maduka.

“I do not know what they want from me anymore as I have decided to get justice and seek redress on the matter all over again as I do not know what they are capable of doing this time. I have been traumatised, depressed and now I live in fear every day and do not even feel safe going to my small farm in the village. 

“I have lost all I had and ever worked for in the past 14years; my house, money, marriage and business worth over N200million.”

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