Herdsmen Post Photos On Woman’s Facebook Page After Robbing Her


Adamawa resident, Debora Mbi, has woken up to a shocking post on her Facebook wall by some herdsmen who reportedly robbed her.

Debora Mbi never expected to see her attackers again when she was robbed on her farm by five young men in 2020, much alone share her Facebook account with them.

Mbi was taken aback when she saw that the same young men who had “forcefully snatched” her phone had been shooting images with it and uploading them on her Facebook wall.

While on her farm in Yola, she was robbed by a bunch of teenage herdsmen, but she did not notify the account or change the password.

Mbi works as a civil servant and also farms.

Friends of Mbi who saw the photos commented on how strange they were and asked her what they meant, assuming she had posted them herself. One of the suspects is shown carrying malt drink in a location that appears to be an eatery in a photo posted by the men and they seemed happy to have posted the photos of themselves without thinking about disclosing their identity.

She explained that the photos were not shared by her and it was done by her kidnappers.

She wrote: “Don’t mind the idiots! They forcefully collected my phone last year and are not smart enough to open their own Facebook account. Though l think they are daring me. The Fulani man thinks he owns this country and can do anything,”

See screenshot below:

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