Odartey Lamptey’s Ex-Wife Re-Appeals For The East Legon Mansion


And according to her, she is unable to remain in Dome since she wants to become a homeowner in East Legon.

To attempt to retain the house, Gloria Appiah has initiated a third appeal, which she hopes will be the final option.

She just lost her second attempt to retain the home after an appeals court threw down her first attempt.

As we revealed on Thursday, Gloria Appiah filed a lawsuit against Odartey in an attempt to reclaim possession of a seven-bedroom East Legon house held by the player, which she presently lives in at the time of the lawsuit.

Additionally, she desired his 4-bedroom Dome Mansion, which she had previously acquired as part of the couple’s divorce.

Despite the fact that she has been given the Dome mansion, she is adamant about remaining in East Legon.

She has been living at the East Legon house for the last two years, after the finalization of the divorce settlement agreement.

Immediately after his most recent court victory, Odartey said that he intends to remove her from the home within a matter of days.

Gloria has allegedly filed a third appeal in an attempt to prevent the eviction.

At this point, she is engaging in little more than harassment of a guy whose life she has already ruined.

Gloria Appiah had been married to Odartey Lamptey for more than two decades, but she had been cheating on him the whole time.

It is believed that they had three children together, whom Odartey nurtured throughout his life until he was shocked to learn a few years ago that they are not his children!

Apparently, this modern-day Jezebel had cheated on him for all three of his children and forced him to raise them without telling him they were other people’s children.

Despite everything, she is completely unafraid. Odartey continues to be harassed by her in regard to money and property.

Aside from the East Legon house, she wishes to retain, Gloria is said to have requested a half-share of Odartey’s fortune as part of the original divorce agreement.

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