WERE ORU – 2021 Latest Yoruba Blockbuster movie Starring; Femi Adebayo. Ronke Odusanya, Afeez Eniola – Download here


The story of a wife who invites her mother-in-law over to spend some time with the family. The visit becomes overbearing as the mother-in-law begins to cause a stir in the family over who has more rights; the mother or the wife.

Femi Adebayo
Ronke Odusanya
Afeez Eniola
Idowu Philips

Ronke Odusanya

Adebayo Tijani

Ibrahim Adeoti

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  1. This movie ending makes no sense because they should constantly point to mother inlaw their own faults and wrong. They need to stop competition with their son's wife and stop the bullshit talks that they suffered on their son…. please the wife ur son fell in love with is someone's precious child that was nurtured too. I hate nonsense!

  2. Interesting movie but the mother inl law fault should have be point out, because clearly she's the problematic person..the wife was cool and all…may God bless all woman with good in law..may we all marry into a Good family and to every good in law may God bless their children with good wives.

  3. Nice movie but the end wasn't right. They should have let the mother know that she has to go back to her husband house. Both Femi and wife were happy before her arrival. The wife tried her best.

  4. Mama Rainbow can REALLY act… she’s not slowing down at all. I never knew Ijebus are this good. Femi Adebayo well done as well but you are still coming up.

  5. Interesting movie.. Gbenga's wife is a nice n well mannered girl. No matter what u went through in training ur child, ur experience in labour, u cannot marry ur own child. The only thing is to pray for a good n God sent partner for them. Despite the harsh treatment from her mum in law, she did not misbehave. The earlier mum in laws see their daughter in laws as their own daughter, the better for them all. Mama rainbow should just have taken Gbenga's wife as her own daughter n am sure Gbenga's wife would have over pampered her. Not all mum in laws are like this sha. I pray those like this should turn a new leaf n likewise bad daughter in laws. Remember that one day u will also be a mother in law.nothing wrong in ur mum in law living with u as long as she won't make ur life miserable like this.If ur mum can live with you, why can't ur mum in law live with u? When u av a sweet mum in law, u won't even want her to leave.

  6. From the wife first approach is bad. She told the mother to give her meet to be throw it in mouth😁likewise she suppose to finish the food since she has started it b4 going to work since she's off duty already so they can't query her at work. Still watching b4 I can finish my comment. Now I can complete my comment. The a Try has no meaning bcos the son is doing his responsibility on the mother. She just hated the wife without any reason. She's just shouting my Jesus will do it for you. Jesus already know what mother inlaw is don't is not good so he can't punish the wife 😃

  7. I just stumbled on this movie and its just like they used my story to write the movie….. Hmmm!!! The difference between this movie and my own case is this husband is even still caring to his wife,speaking up for her,but mine has been captured,he doesnt even fight for me n my son. The 2nd difference is my husband mama didnt even give him chance to stay on his own,we were living under her roof. And she kept coming up with her overbearing attitudes just like how iya rainbow did in this movie.she kept complaining about virtually everything!!! She is the one that sits in the front seat of the car with her son when we are going out,me the wife will be @ the back.My so called hubby is always quiet…….. I kept quiet @ 1st and when i couldnt take ot anymore,i fought back. Husband n his mama conspired and lied on me that i beat his mum and now the marriage is off. Mothers like this are evil and should be avoided completely.

  8. Wat a stupid ending wat rubbish advice the mother was wrong wrong wrong and she should have been advised such I’m so vexed I watched this

  9. Mama rainbow played the role well,very funny movie,there are alot of bad mother in laws out there and also bad daughter in laws too ,why do mother in laws compete with their daughter in laws

  10. What kind of ending is that? So did the mother change or did she move out of the wife’s house to go find herself her own husband? 🙄🙄

  11. Is this mother in law for real? you're joking right? so because you suffered and raised Gbenga single handedly, there shouldn't be peace in your son's house ? why didn't you just marry him at once because you laboured so much on him, after all there's nothing new under the sun? Thank God for the kind of daughter in law God blessed you with, if not you would have left that house the very first time you showed your true colour. Don't know why they're trying to advise the wife about accepting the mother in law as her mom at the last scene, she overtried sef, se ko pa ara e ni fun iya oko oniwahala alainitelorun ni? Our African parents are funny, mo jiya lori e, mo jiya lori e, come and live abroad and tell those children that, na real OYO you'll find yourself. Suru baba iwa. i pray for Tiwa's kind of patience oo so help me God Amen. Thanks Yorubaplay.

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