UNDYING – 2021 Blockbuster Movie Starring; Frederick Leonard, Darlene Odogbili, Zack Orji.


UNDYING – premiering now on ibakatv.com.

CONTINUE WATCHING https://bit.ly/2FxjDKY
CONTINUE WATCHING https://bit.ly/2FxjDKY
CONTINUE WATCHING https://bit.ly/2FxjDKY

A story of love, pain, and faith. Following a ghastly car accident, this romantic movie reveals the trial of a young man and the hard-knock decision he has to make between pulling the plug on his bedridden wife or holding on to his thin thread of faith.

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Frederick Leonard
Darlene Odogbili
Zack Orji
Chinyere Wilfred
Femi Branch
Kenneth Nwadike
Jane Gam Dede

Darlene Odogbili

Lod Houz
Primusplux Limited

Saheed Apanpa

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  1. 👊👊👊🖤🖤👀👀
    I watched this film at my own risk … I knew I would leave a lot of tears in it. wow, I am impressed by the actors, very involved, excellent performance, very touching story.
    Nice one💕💕💕👊

  2. Even when her parents gave up and wanted you to give up u still believed that God could do it and indeed he did it, the same dougter they said u have used for rituals is back to life because you didn't give ur concernt, God bless you.this is so emotional 💕💕💕

  3. Frederick is a great actor. However, I wonder if this is a true replica of the doctors and hospitals in Nigeria?. I'd so this is awful. Otherwise great job. 🇺🇸USA in the house

  4. The movie called Udying Love is so beautiful and loving too.see a man to love his girlfriend like that then ask her too married him and then sad for them too end up in the hospital. Especially her in
    The state of not waiting up
    And him praying a talk too her too wait her up a movie every one will cry on not a dry eyes in the movies. It

  5. Nice act. Watching from RSA, however I'm worried about the noice in hospital. Yes emotions,emotions,emotions but control is required as other patients will.be scared. Overall my best actor is hear. Good job

  6. ….love is the greatest. True love last forever, it endures all things and bears all things. Knowing Jesus is Knowing true love. It will help you love rightly

  7. So emotional. This is a difficult decision for anyone to decide to let go of their love.The pain the hope to hang on that love one will wake up.To lose the love of your life it painful.Only thing to hold on to his faith in God .Trust in God you make the right decisioni. Hold on to memory the love you share that can bring your heart and spiritual to make right decision and feel you did right thing. No one want to see their love one suffer but as the same time letting is not easy.Believe in God put eveything in his hand one will get a answer.Good writing material Good acting everyone. The KING A MASTER AT HIS GAME KUDOS YOU CONNECTED EMOTIONAL WITH YOUR AUDIENCE EVEN I AM CRYING .DEEP LOVE DEEP FEELING LOVE CAN MAKE MIRACLE HAPPEN.AWESOME JOB KING L

  8. Chaiiiii Frederick has suffer, this is reality y'all need to put the phone down. You can't put your life on hold but the phone call or text can be on hold 🥱🙋🤔

  9. God knew when He took a rib from Adam to make Eve, it’s only math where 1+1=1! love is really an undying love ❤️, when my husband was in the coma it’s was a very difficult 😞 situation, when hope is gone you only have prayer. Zack O, chinyere and the talented Freddie you really played it so well, and brought tears 😭,the friend couple praying wow !!!

  10. Dear film makers, strike-through bleeding is a sign of wound infection so showing bandaged wounds with red spots doesn’t show adequate wound care. Of course I would know cos am a doctor. Not to sound like a party-pooper, the movie was simply awesome! Fred didn’t disappoint as usual. It was also exciting seeing other veterans as well.

  11. Wow. I just saw the notification now I am so glad to watch this amazing romantic movie from frederick Leonard is indeed a great talented actor happy weekend frederick and to everyone in the house? Much love to all…

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