Yawa Don Gas- Lady Goes Haywire After Sighting A Different Girl In Her Boyfriend’s Car [VIDEO]


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The guy seems to have come out of a mart at a fuel station with a different girl sitting at the passenger’s front seat of his car when his girlfriend suddenly bumped into them looking so aggressive.

The girlfriend went straight at the other lady in the car after snubbing her boyfriend and the first thing she did was to remove the wig of the lady and made it fly in the air ordering her to step out of the car.

The boyfriend tried on several occasions to prevent her girlfriend from humiliating him in public but it was too late for that as the girlfriend was not ready to listen to anything he was telling her or preventing her from reaching out to the other lady in the car as she continued to try drag the lady from the car.

The boyfriend realizing how ‘hot’ and serious his girlfriend was had no option but to tell the other lady who was still sitting in the car all these while to get out of the car as he politely opens the door for her to get down.

A narration from the background who happens to be the same person recording the video seems in supportive of the girlfriend dragging the other girl from the car as she advises her fellow women to stop the habit of jumping into other people’s boyfriend cars.

Watch video below;

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