EPL: You’re acting like a little kid who lacks respect – Scholes blasts Mane over Klopp


Manchester United legend, Paul Scholes, has accused Liverpool star, Sadio Mane of acting ‘like a petulant child’ towards Klopp.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United 4-2 at Old Trafford on Thursday with goals from Roberto Firmino (2), Diogo Jota, and Mohamed Salah while Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford were the scorers for Man United.

And after the victory, being his first at Old Trafford, Klopp went onto the pitch to congratulate his players.

Klopp received a frosty reception from Mane – who had been left on the bench at the start of the match.

Mane refused to shake his manager’s hand and walked away from him, shaking his head.

“As a player you’re going to be really disappointed, of course, you are, you haven’t played in such a big game,” Scholes told Premier League Productions.

“But I think he’s acted like a petulant child. A complete lack of respect for his manager.

“He’s been left out of the team for a game, it happens, it happens to the best players in the world, deal with it. He needs to grow up, he’s acting like a little kid.

“You’d say if the team had got beat then yeah, possibly he may have a little argument.

“But to do that in front of the cameras, in front of the world, it embarrasses your manager. I think it’s a total lack of respect.

“I see both sides but I think he’s totally out of order with what he’s done.”

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