President Buhari Should Enjoy Nigeria's Deteriorating Healthcare System, Nigerian Activist Declares – Download MP4 Video


The New Nigerian Network, a coalition of Nigerian activists has declared in a press conference that the President of Nigeria be denied access to seek medical aid overseas, hence be given more opportunity to enjoy the deteriorating medical healthcare in Nigeria.


  1. Na President Buhari destroy am….wetting Naija people dey do since him leave office in the 80's….No be all of us stand dey look as e dey deteriorate….I beg I beg make everybody go park one side, WE ARE OUR PROBLEM ALL THESE FINGER POINTING, DID ALL THESE LEADERS FALL FROM THE SKY?

  2. See as them dey there so, even sahara reporters founder who is supposed to be an advanced thinker, went to Naija from USA 1 year before a national election to seek presidency, went around doing video of all the delapitaited infrastructure and saying "we will take it back" yoruba people go dey shout sowore na the answer….I laughed while drinking in an english pub in London, I took out my phone and showed them a design of an entire ecosystem, investment module B2B, PPP and a circular financial economy rather than capital flight economy we currently have….Then I asked them imagine I as an individual did this, now look at sowore with a whole network and investigative journalists on payroll and all he could give you was him visiting torn down unkept infrastructure shouting "we will take it back"…1 year to a presidential general elections, you guys must be clowns…Finished my drink stood up and left, mind you I was the youngest person amongst them and although it was a mixed religious gathering I was the only northerner and christian while everyone else were yoruba both muslims and christians…..The bottom line is simple Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo have constantly worked together since 1914 to milk the geographical expression called Nigeria dry, you all collectively are the reason Nigeria is so backwards today.

  3. Buhari is not in UK. The cabals are deceiving you people about Buhari whereabouts. They can not hide the true identity of the man aso rock anymore. Fake Buhari has disappeared. Aisha is busy launching books in Nigeria while the husband is sick in London….. is that possible in the real life. You will wait for ever. Fake Buhari is on the run.

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