Afia Schwarzenegger Speaks Highly Of Ghana In A New Video


Afia Schwarzenegger completely departed from her vituperative nature by speaking highly of Ghana and how clean the city looks lately after she stepped out to purchase fish at Sakumono in a new video.

The TV personality and YouTuber is heard nice things about the country and says she’ll sell Ghana positively to the outside world if no one else does. Just then, one of the fishmongers after exhanging pleasantries with Afia, decided to take a selfie with the controversial Ghanaian celebrity.

However, Afia quickly ‘recoiled’ and snubbed the guy.

In a related development, Self-proclaimed lawyer and TV personality, Mona Gucci has launched another tirade against her age-long nemesis Afia Schwarzenegger on Facebook.

Mona Gucci in her sequel to their protracted feud said political activist and social commentator A-Plus personally called her over the phone to reveal that Afia is mentally unstable which is why she assaults anyone verbally without any provocation.

The two former friends turned enemies have been at each other’s throat for some time now and it’s murkier with this new development after Mona further said Afia will die prematurely if she doesn’t change her uncouth behaviour and dirty personality that has now become the fulcrum of her thriving brand.

Mona says she believes Afia’s incessant attacks on her are fueled by jealousy and inferiority complex. In the video, she further warned her that until she stops poking her long nose into her affairs, she won’t have peace on earth.


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