ENI IYI – 2021 Latest Yoruba Blockbuster Movie Starring; Ronke Odusanya, Peters Ijagbemi – Download here


Watch what happens in this Latest Yoruba Blockbuster movie Starring; Ronke Odusanya, Peters Ijagbemi

Produced & Directed by Wale Rasaq. Powered by Hibee Pictures.

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  1. Lesson to All woman Beater, Thanks God Bamise learned his lesson at the hard way, Interesting movie and good lesson to all couples, Yah Allah count us among those who will witness the coming RAMADAN 1442 AH 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 Jumat mufeedah Mubarak famz 😍 😍 😍 it's won't be our last one in DUNIYA 🤲 🤲 🤲 🤲 Thanks for uploading yoruba play 📺

  2. Bamitale deserved what he got only animals beat his wife, well thank God he learnt his lesson in a hard way and changed for good jummah Mubarak to you all

  3. Abi ẹ r'olorun, nígbà tí eṣinṣin ń jẹ elegbo, ko ṣeni to ri o, nígbà tí elegbo wá pa eṣinṣin, ariwo wa taa. Good for Bamise that he was made to taste what he did to his wife. Husband should honour and reciprocate the love his wife show to him back. Landlord and mama are comedians 😁😁😁😘 kudos to everyone and thanks for the upload Yorubaplay

  4. Man treat your wife right, thank to Mama that made the correction Lolz , coz i see it as the way of correction to some senseless Man

  5. I really enjoyed this haha. I honestly can’t say the guy didn’t deserve it, he deserved it and I’m glad the wife saw the advantage and dealt with him-all thanks to mama😂. Now they’re living happily; as they should😌

  6. Wow,this life sha 🤔 🤔 this is Lesson for men oooo that believe they can maltreat women anyhow….Wura is a good woman sha,someone else fought on her behalf
    Thanks for uploading this ❤️❤️

  7. Wow I really enjoyed this movie bamise learn his lesson in a hard way, thank God for mama help wura from beater husband I like it jare… baba landlord own is another one 😂😂😂.. the ending make senses baje. Kudos to u all more grace to ur elbow

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