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Bad Habit/Don’t Rush Freestyle Lyrics By Shenseea

Tell them seh a Shen-Yeng
Different nuh depend pon man fi a cent
Me a Yeng best a the best creme
Dela Creme
Me thing up nuh pin up mi nuh hem


Criminal wanted by many men
Real champion ask Buju Banton
Dem wah see me fail but that anna God’s plan
Becaa me a hunt ghost like Danny Phantom
Huh! hot gyal sauce full a flavour
Nuh mix mi nuh chaser
Mi born a Jamaica nuh punk mi nuh fraida
Mi paper me here fah nuh itch,
Yuh we pay fah! Bring shot to yuh like a waiter
Blessings a run like Frazer
Gi praise to me saviour mi
Sharp like a razor, do well fi da age yah
Money fi a run like retainer
Mi wah rich like Romiech Major


Gyal s!ck to me like when blood clot
Any man mi leff mi can get that back
Mi nuh follow fashion boss have
mi own a thing, nuh follower
Mi lead way like Dora’s Map
Mi nuh sell s3x me only sell stocks
This a Shenyeng yah nuh take tuff chat
From me start par with up top
Dawg me stop fight a buss me buss gun shot


Mi nuh give a fvck mi nuh care
Weh yuh come from AK fire like dragon in a dungeon
Make skin red like seh yuh get a suntan
All if yuh skin tuff like ***
Nah top eno till me deh top eno
All when face make up till eh
Sour like sop eno
Hustle till me out a breath
Asthma attack
Tell broke life seh me nah come back
Yuh maad…? Yuh mad?
Who bad?


Yow…Tougher than a agony bet
Dem gyal nuh badda me
Wah hard fi Shenseea try fi
Please when a me them wanna be

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