BRODASHAGGI says he will Fight God if he sees BUHARI in heaven – Download Brodashaggi MP4 Video


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  1. Is it true that none of Shaggi's relation is a Nigerian politician? So if he sees any of them in heaven, he will block God? Bro Shaggi this one na misyarn, biko. Nigerian politicians are bad gaan, but the rest of us also bad. If God follow'am like that, none of us go smell heaven door.

  2. APC and PDP don’t have money more than the Youth of Nigeria if BBNija can make millions in Nigeria Big Brother Naija we can fund Election and stop PDP and APC please Nigeria youth only we can help ourselves

  3. Shaggi I've heard rumors that buhari is dead and the one on the throne now is an imposter so which one of them u referring to …and yes if I also see our Yahya jammeh in heaven I'll vex God

  4. WE need more of this AWAKENING in the country, hope our MUSICIANS will now sing MEANINGFUL and MOTIVATING song's instead of their usual NYASH and BWESTS songs. We will definitely get to that promise land, it's just a matter of time

  5. Gbefun Sege Man, my guy dey yawn fact, the tittle mentioned Buhari? But the fact is the government of today witness which we are all begging to survival inside our home Land, Haa, it get as it bee o.
    Our citizens are dying in home & diaspora, why can't we fixed & secure our own things, so that we will not be waiting and crumbling beggers from outside world.
    * Is not good for a Son of water bn tosty for a glass of water to drink??
    What is the full details of Governancing they peoples in a political measure hs it bn define : Plssssssss stop craps about it, and get real…..

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