We are tired. Let me tell you the funniest thing right now happening in my country, Covid-19 palliatives for my country were found in different warehouses around the country (LAUGHS OUT LOUD). Let’s take it back a little, when COVID-19 pandemic broke out, many of the citizens were caught unaware. Many couldn’t stay home for long because of what to eat and just to make money to survive. A country that knows its people state and still deprive them of the little things that can help them survive. What will it take you to share the palliatives, why store them in a warehouse for months and watch people starve? A governor of a particular state said he was planning to share them on his birthday (rolling on the floor). God what has happened to HUMANITY? Only you can safe us.

Featuring: Small Stout, Shoyemi Ololade, Abike Shuga.

Visuals by Pranks TV

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  1. Juat watched broad shaggi video on this.Yunno it was not too long.. I made this statement in my latest rap video on police brutality…"The greatest nation in the world is not U.S ,Russia or anywhere Asia…it will forever be the IMAGINATION "….Officer woos nice comedy video by the way sir….God bless you….you have a new subscriber(Me).

  2. You say " I am allowed to do anything "- but not everything is good for you. And even though "I am allowed to do anything, I must not become a slave to anything " 1 corinthians 6:12
    Do not be a slave to sin. Jesus loves you.

  3. This struggle is not good to be used as comedy it makes it look like a joke,even if u must make a video about it let be to educate people,sensitise people and pass information not making mockery of it many are gone because of this fight….
    My humble opinion though

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