ELLA – 2019 Latest Yoruba Blockbuster Movie Starring Bolanle Ninalowo | Kemi Afolabi – Download here


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Ella comes in contact with a set of high class ladies and she wants to forcefully belong to their class. Ella is willing to do anything to become a top society lady. How is this going to end? Find out in this Blockbuster.

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  1. What a touching and beautiful story, learn to all youth of this days especially we ladies. Not all what is glitter is gold 👌👌 let me contented with the little we have and believe in God will gonna shine @our own time

  2. Hmmmm!! This movie is true life story because if we look at how those yahoo guys used ladies who are greedy to make it in life, we should understand it’s true. Gods love never depart from his chosen ones. I love the movie from the beginning to the end; 👍 up to you Missa, see you in Dubai in February…

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