Alagbawi Aye – New Intriguing Yoruba Movie 2018 Starring Odunlade Adekola, Mide Martins. – Download here


Bamidele Michael was called to serve God and spread good tidings to the world but, because he was still in the world he declined. Not too long he suffered mental disorder which did not make him act exactly like a mad man rather he began to see the future which always eventually comes to pass and he passes the message to whomever is concerned. Very few people paid attention to him because of his lunatic appearance while those that didn’t pay attention ended up facing the consequences of their little faith.


  1. Very interesting movie….. it's good to be to good, don't ever underate humam being like you, let's try to be kind to pple!!!kudos to the cast and crew 👍🏽👌🏾

  2. Hmmmmmmm,alagbawi indeed,you are great yes you are holy one,you walked upon the sea ,raise the dead,you reign in majesty mighty God? Everything written about you is great, send me my divine helper oh lord (AMEN)

  3. This is award winning movie for me ooo …. i was touched and so many moral lessons …. all the actors and actress killed their roles …. i can watch this movie more 50 time or more with out getting tired …

  4. Agbara n be bi ta Tijo, Awa l ao sin Baba bi ta tijo! Algabawi Eda, Awimayenun, Oro mo ni se faya ti. Oba to po, to fe, to ga, Baba Mimo to fi Imole se aso ibora! I exalt your Mighty Name Lord! There is No One Like You!
    Amazing Movie and Cast!

  5. It can only Get better, the movie is quite educative and interesting but I feel where it was made known that it's a story should have been in the beginning, and something else should have been used at the beginning where Kunle was said to have forged signature and on the check and took money from his uncle's account without his consent that part is somehow

  6. Wow this work really too much
    I love dis
    May God bless you Afeez Owo
    My mentor Odunlade Adekola you re great
    Okele mouth will not kill you
    You all did great work in dis movie

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