Dr. Damages Ep 211 – Dasuki: Nigeria''s Own Father Christmas – Download here


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Jeb Bush tries to torpedo Donald Trump’s presidential quest but The Donald shows him who is the Don. Dr. Damages breaks down where the contest stands at the end of 2015 and why none of the Repubican candidates’ wives comes close to Michelle Obama.

Pissed off at Nigerians for their timid reaction to #Dasukigate, Dr. Damages chronicles the scam and maps out the path to the redemption of the actors and the nation that condones them.

With the Shiite and the Biafrans, Nigerian security agencies are ignoring court orders and stepping on citizens’ human rights. Dr. Damages raises alarm that the ghost of yesterday might have returned while you were sleeping.

Pastor Enoch Adeboye speak the ultimate truth to Christians about tithes and offerings. Even Dr. Damages has to get pen and paper to take note.

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  1. Yes, he was promoted na….we have been telling u Africans about dis ish forever….heeey now u are surprised…I wonder.

    This is how dey do am in da u.s. ooooo

  2. Ref: Mail from Ogbeni Kunle, Please how can I get a copy of that list of items, cos I recently got harassed by custom/immigration officials at Lagos airport for carrying Gari in my hand-luggage. They threaten to seize it, but knowing fully well that they are going to take it home for their own personal consumption, I poured it in the trash can and this even got them more infuriated. I will really appreciate if I can have a copy of that list so that I can harass them back when next they try to harrass me for carrying Gari in my hand-luggage.

  3. Nigerian should desist from fighting each other on different issues, like getting job, having stable electricity, having better road, adequate housing even better lives in their homeland. Nigerians must participate in Nigerian's affair every day and hold their elected representative accountable for well being. They must work hard ascertain how the money appropriate quarterly in spends on project that improves situation in locale and their lives.

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