Keeping It Real With Adeola – 191 (How A Nigerian Student Was Killed By Police In America) – Download here


In this episode of KIRWA, Facebook sends a team to teach Nigerian lawmakers how to use Facebook.

Adeola also tells the story of Matthew Ajibade, a Nigerian student killed in police custody in Georgia, USA.

In Congo, opposition candidate wants to grant President Joseph Kabila immunity if he leaves office.


  1. Yeap the cops got him killed and what did the Nigerian govt do absolutely nothing, do that to d American citizen and they will come for u right there in Nigeria, that's how well Nigeria govt cares for her citizens.

  2. Since he became governor of Katanga, everyone was certain he will run for president even though he always denied that.
    As to his statement, that is just diplomacy. Kabila isn't willing to go anyway. His father was a war lord, he will be one if he fears prosecution. It's easy to say justice must be done.But Congo is a fragile state and the most likely to see a civil war break out of. Even the international community doesn't want stability in that country but explaining that will be too long and I will need to gather all the links to support that claim. Crisis in that country means the minerals will always be cheap.
    I'd rather let him go than risk another civil war that will just hold back a country that is so rich but right now is one of the poorest countries on the globe

  3. Hi Adeola, I have been a regular in your show for almost 3 years now. You are doing a great I commend you for that. However i want to point out my observation in your recent episodes. You have systematically avoided talking about PMB's administration unlike the way you talked about GEJ's. I know a lot of drama has been going on that is worth airing. Am not insinuating anything but it's just my personal observation.

  4. Americans police are animals…..I have no respect for these idiots.!
    Even the so-called poorly funded and ill equipped Nigerian police don't do shameful brutality like this…

  5. Hi Adeola, I'd just like to correct something that you said. The Botswanan Pula is not stronger than the US dollar. 1usd = 10 Pula. Other than that, it was a really great episode. Keep on "Keeping it Real" 🙂

  6. They just killed the guy like that. Anyway their children ,son,wife, mother loved ones, too will die , a very tragic death .And all those who involve in oneway or the other , even those official who try to cover up the whole seen!

  7. Hi girl.i've been a fan and I just wish to tell u that Cameroon has a lot to look into.this eps is short because u did'nt have a lot to say.if u look into Cameron's politic u will make an eps every day with a very long duration

  8. Thank you so much Adeola, Nigerians all over the world have been Intimidated and kill by police. Nigeria Govt. never care about their Citizen . God help us..oooooooooooooooooo

  9. Perhaps I will donate to KIRWA afterall – hopefully, can pay through paypal. Question – does anyone on the ground in Nigeria ever see the amount of difficulty so many people have with medical bills, and think, hmm Health Insurance could be a viable option as long as the premiums are affordable? Or will it be business as usual and dependance on donations whenever tragedy strikes? Can we ever move forward as a society with our "god will provide" mentality?

  10. such violences and from the same minority men (and so big guys), it's even worse without a doubt.. regard to this general white protection supremacy , please educate this non sense alienated ppl

  11. Bukola Saraki uses facebook to communicate and I am a follower. Bukola expertly uses facebook to explain his role in the senate and communicate with Kwara indigines. He feels that other senators could benefit from basic facebook training .

  12. My dear, I follow your shows and you are damn funny. Meanwhile,let's get certain things straight.
    Forget about American police brutality in America and talk about what's happening in our nigeria ?. Everybody in America knows that the police is brutal, and we all know too,that we have the military and the police in Nigeria, dealing with the citizens, killing them,maltreating them and nothing or said or done. At least the American ppl protest and get the accused officers fired,indicted etc.
    Talk about nigeria, cuz too many things are happening in that country,plz.
    Congrats and kudos for what you are doing,your consistency and your comic side of the serious issues makes your job funny as well.
    Keep it real girl.
    And you are beautiful too.

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