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This week, Adeola addresses the arrest of the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

Also, the Central Bank is giving Nigerians in the diaspora till January to enroll for Bank Verification Number.

In Kenya, a radio host claims to expose a Nigerian Pastor sucking women’s breast for deliverance. Is the story true?

Adeola also shares exciting news about her live show with Dr. Damages coming up in December.
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Lastly she shares the news about KIRWA Foundation. To learn more, please click:

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  1. Biafra are only targeting the oil which is not even in their territories. Rivers is not Biafra. Let igbo fight for their exit alone instead acting like a greedy pig trying to get the n as tons oil for themselves.Tell me what you have in your land that can make u stand alone. The true greedy bastard of nigeria.

  2. Dear Adeola, you and your sponsors are distorting history and facts. And you are more of a talkative than a presenter. because Nigeria of today favours your Yoruba people you are not concerned about the welfare of other Nigerians. Now you are campaigning against Nnamdi KANU. you will fail

  3. But why are the Hausa and the Yoruba afraid to live without the Biafrans. Does it mean Nigeria will no longer be viable without the Biafrans. Are the Igbo really the life wire other peoples depend on? this and many other questions begs for answer.

  4. hello sister good morning please i live in Germany i wanted to deposit money in my bank but they said my account is frozen and i need my bvn number to verify my account but the problem now is that i have forgotten my bvn number the name of the bank is first Bank…but now i don't really know what to do…i sent my brother to help me open an account but he can't because they want my parents to open it myself… please tell me what to do please

  5. Adeola you shameless thing….talk about your self when Biafra goes out of the zoo. Dont hold to the notion if Biafra stays, you stay, if biafra goes u go! Stop your dirty nonsensical ranting.
    You feel insecure and inferior to your slave master the hausa fulanis. And so rant you must to please them…shameless dirty thing.

  6. But seriously the Biafra are not serious they seem not to listen to the words of they forefather …. To before warn. Complete it pls …. Biafra stop before it too late … Listen to wat your previous leader say …he known wat he sees before he says that he warned.. I so much love the igbo pls not waste your life …. I have friends I don't want to miss … Pls Igbo . and for those insulting… adeloa they says the true is bitter …. Very very bitter … Adeloa my beloved sis keep it up ….

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