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SYNOPSIS: The final saga continues as the blind poor girl finds true love in the heart of a wealthy young prince who is ready to make her worth living, but her wicked supposed step mother is out to frustrate their love.

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Sorrow Of The Blind 1 :

Sorrow Of The Blind 2 :

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Sorrow Of The Blind 6 :

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  1. This movie was so touching.I love Malia and the prince together. Great job to all the actors and actresses. I did not really like the ending .Malia should've been able to see the face of her husband also those wicked women should've bowed to her feet for forgiveness.

  2. wow the movies is best movies, and i love the Personal çharaçter of the blind Woman and t, he Prinçe but malia with your mother you are witçhes beçause you must never be Jealous or envious and greedy, who God bless you that he made for your gilfriend then you may also be happy.and you must not be envious or not what your mother does beçause you will not have joy who you blind whom the man takes away.

    The Movies has touçhed my heart Ajamalia you are the best

  3. I love this movie
    Yul, u always play the role of a king or prince sooo well , u re truly a royal. U re great
    Aja played the role sooo well , u re talented

  4. I don't like how this movie ends, finally when she thought that she had a chance to happiness, the person whom she finds happiness in which was the prince dies. There should have been another part to this movie

  5. A sad ending oh Lord….the prince shouldn't have died…..the movie is just amazing though too emotional. I just love yul and the blind gal. They played their parts perfectly. Congratulations to everyone

  6. Lovely movie it shows that wickedness doesn't pay it's sad the prince didn't live long to see his son and wife got her sight back what you sew is that you reap god almighty is the healer no weapon form against you shall prosper amen.

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