Keeping It Real With Adeola -175 (Saraki's Wife Storms EFCC With 5 Senators & 20 Reps) – Download here


This week on Keeping It Real, three Nigerian refineries are back in business.

Also, there was drama as the wife of the Senate President in Nigeria, Toyin Saraki showed up at EFCC’s office with five Senators and 20 House of Rep members.

Meanwhile, find out why Nigerians are seriously praying for their former Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison Madueke, who is presently receiving treatment in London.

In Gabon, Mr. President became a chauffeur for popular footballer Lionel Messi, whom he allegedly paid €3.5 Million to lay the foundation of a stadium.

While Obama was in Ethiopia, he described the government as democratically elected. Find out why this did not sit well with a lot of people.

In Ghana, find out why a 36-year-old man tried to kill Mr. President with a locally-made gun.

Finally, the first lady of Zimbabwe celebrates her 50th birthday in grand style. The only problem was her true age!


  1. The DSS is a chicken by going after the wives and not the main culprits. They shld grow some Cajones. Anyway the EFCC chairman is just grandstanding.

  2. Good show Adeola! I personally criticized Messi for his rough appearance and disrespectful choice of dress,I wonder why he is associating with a dictator…But he didn't collected a penny as it was widely circulated. He has problems with dressing because he never count it as a way of life.

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