Keeping It Real With Adeola – 174 (How To Solve Radio Biafra Saga) – Download here


This week, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari visits US President Barack Obama in Washington DC.

Also, Adeola gives her take on Radio Biafra instigating violence online.

In Kenya, the governor of Nairobi plants grass barely three days to Obama’s visit among other stories.


  1. Adiola your 2 leaned for wht you've
    just said about the director of radio Biafra, I will advise that you go nd listen nd watch again the video where he said they needed guns nd ballets to defend themselves, pls listen to him from the beginning to that point when he said that before you start judging him, nd pls don't be on one side. stop saying that they also attack buhari, if they like let them kill him, they are his people, besides wht about all the people they hv killed, is he better Them? abi nor be person born them. onpèè kì wòn to pa danu

  2. Did you hear yourself speak, "MERGED TOGETHER BY THE BRITISH ". Really? By the British? Are we toddlers, that another country rulers should come tell us how to run our affairs? Not in this dispensation, times have changed woman. It is time to go back to our regions, now we can decide for ourselves, the British will run Britain, while we run ours affairs by ourselves.

  3. Just realised that this episode was recorded some years ago. I hope that your views on certain issues must have changed now in view of recent and current events in different parts of Nigeria since. I refer to animals swallowing money (the zoo aspect), the widespread killings of innocent men, Women and Children and the DEAFENING silence by people in power.
    That said, thanks for a lovely programme. We don't all have to agree with EVERYTHING you say.
    Well done.

  4. After slaughtering our people of Biafra, we will not be part of Nigeria again!!!!!! Yorubas can continue with those cruel murderers called hausa fulanis, but we Biafrans will not. Please don't you ever warn Biafrans again. Your show is not helping matters in Nigeria, so what sense does it make to watch it? Just to laugh while our people are perishing back home? Why are you defending Buhari? Are you in your right frame of mind?

  5. If you're accusing Biafrans of trying to instigate a war, what did you tell Theophilus Danjuma when he asked Nigerians to defend themselves? Biafrans have been having their peaceful protests all the time, yet the wicked Buhari and his Nigerian army invaded the home of the IPOB leader and killed so many people and are still killing Biafrans till today. What have you done about this? Your talk show is simply nonsense! !! Our people are dying in Nigeria and you think we should be laughing and rejoicing. Buhari is your favorite president, therefore people cannot air their views about the evils he's perpetrating on Biafrans. You feel so bad that you didn't get a chance to interview him and get your share of the national cake, right?

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