Senator Dino Melaye Becomes Angry Over Questions On His Luxury Cars And Social Media Posts – Download here


Nigerian Senator Dino Melaye becomes irate at SaharaTV correspondent Rudolf Okonkwo following questions on his social media posts of luxury cars, opulent mansions, and expensive possessions. Dino also states that he would support Senate President Bukola Saraki until indicted by a court for a crime, however Dino continues to support Saraki even as his tribunal for corruption is underway.


  1. Mr Dino, this media is not the regular AIT, NTA, Kogi Radio or TV that you are used to. For your information Oga Dino, "SaharaTV, is an advocacy and watchdog journalism outlet for the free and unfettered exchange of thought and opinion with the goal of advancing a progressive generation of Africans and people of African descent who are fully informed about their government and the political forces that determine their future; and are prepared to act in the pursuit of justice and human rights." Don't be mad about their questions, there would always be some hard and personal questions. Please expect more of new media.

  2. Rudolf Okonkwo is the most rude and disrespectful person
    I have ever encountered in my life.  These
    gutter snipe called Okonkwo is a despicable person hiding under the banner of
    reporter to tarnish the images of APC, President Buhari, Senate president Saraki,
    and Senator Dino Melaye.  Fortunately, Senator
    Melaye recognized that Rudolf Okonkwo is just another pro Nnamdi Kanu Igbo man.

  3. Mr. Dino if you so care about corruption and why do have so many luxurious cars and homes? when you got into office you were broke can you please explain?

  4. Wow.what a scallawag of a correspondent.I dont know how he got a job to conduct interviews,what an abysmal and unprofessional nincompoop.Lingual and cerebral dexterity is a zero level.

  5. dino case is different ,ndume move or call the attention of the house and make prayer,now this is a different thing from press interview outside the senate, those lawyer or human right who feel dino as insulted there father can go to court for procution

  6. Dino Melaye, I mean , D U No – I AM A LIAR, you did not answer the questions. You were just using words that have useless meanings. If you run for public office, then you should know nothing is private about you any more. The public has a right to know.

    You put your self on social media and you lied boldface on TV that you did not do it. Nobody has your account password except you. You posed for those pictures by yourself and I don't think anyone forced you to do it. Your agitation and body language showed that you have the intelligence of a child. You also looked stupid if
    you were unable to delete what was allegedly posted into your account account within 10 hours. Your reaction also showed that you are unfit to be a janitor, how much less a state senator.
    My question to you is this : Where did you get the money to buy over 20 exotic cars that you have? Your salary is 1,400,000 Naira. Your Lamborghini cost $2, 200,000 or 880000000 Naira. Let us do the calculations.

    Here is the breakdown for 880000000 /1,400 , 000 = 629 months. 629 months divided by 12, equals 52 years. That means if you save all your salaries in the Senate. It will take you 52 years as a senator to buy ONE Lamborghini. I am not even talking about your houses in Nigeria, UK and US . I am not mentioning your other cars and offshore bank accounts. I also about the Bugatti – which is more expensive than the Lamborghini.

    Please, explain to your constituents, Kogi State and Nigerians your source of those monies . EFCC should put everyone of you politicians in jail until you can prove the sources of those incomes above your salaries.

  7. Man get power, he use am steal money, he use am cheat people, he use am talk nonsense.
    Him no know hungry people, him no know jobless people, him no know suffering people.
    He dey ride best car, he dey live best house, he dey chop best food.
    He be wrong man, na vagabond in power.
    – Fela Kuti.

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