IFEDOLAPO Latest Nollywood Movie 2015 Staring Tope Osoba, Alex Ekubo – Download here


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Ifedolapo a story of a lady who loves her husband to the extreme but her being possessive becomes her undoing as she get agitated at the sight of any lady beside her husband.
Cast. Tope Osoba, . Alex Ekubo, Jaiye kuti and many more… This is yet another free movie for your viewing pleasure. Keep watching Okin Tv, your number ONE source for Yoruba Nollywood movies

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  1. brilliant film all round. Alex was great throughout with his broken Yoruba. Those commenting about his accent didn't understand it's all part of the story.

    God will deliver Niger people from the spirit of bleaching and tattooing. Good has ruined her skin. It looked like the back of frying pan and HD, it's only going to get worse as she gets older.

  2. oooooh Tope y nowwwww kilode dat ur lovely ebony black I use to admire is gone so soon,Oremi u better go start to dey use palm cannell cooked oil to rub dat skin and bring back dat ur shiny black oooooh if not hmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. hmmmmm…Ifedolapooo…Interesting but even if Ife has to use d same hand bag both in her university days n wen she's married ….wat about her hair……????

  4. Your husband, a medical doctor, with a patient, hand gloves on, and you displayed that madness. I just stopped there, sorry, a bit childish.

  5. This movie is real but if he stayed through all of that why leave her when she needs you the most?? He shoukd have stayed with her. marriage vows are real and binded by God(Jehovah)

  6. What the F !! This movie does not make any f sense!!! The wife knows that her husband is a Dr!!
    So why would she just turn up and accused him of having an affair with his patient!!
    And to make matters worsted " abused his patient" please heheh
    Viewers opinion !!!

  7. Where do you get these people from!!! They can't act. Don't but good actor like Alex with distasteful actresses.

    That wife with the pick out hair line and tattoos. Are you guys for real…. Just Stopped watching straight away…

    London shouting out 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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