Keeping It Real With Adeola -170 (Nigeria's Shameless Lawmakers) – Download here


This week, a fight breaks out at the Nigerian National Assembly, and Adeola is up to the rescue!

In Zambia, an aeronautical engineer now turns used cooking oil into biodiesel, providing alternative to dependency on petrol.

In the Gambia, President Yahya Jammeh adds a new title to his name. Meanwhile, Adeola recounts the story of two Gambian-Americans kidnapped since 2013.

Adeola also celebrates musician Akon for his initiative to provide electricity to 600 million Africans among other stories.


  1. Adeola, stop misleading your audience, please call a spade a spade.

    These are your APC party guys fighting for house leadership positions in the national assembly. Dont generalise it, you should tell your audience that they are APC house members, don't make it look like other party member were involved in this national embarrassment.

    Also, I am waiting for Sahara TV to kick start bring back our girls campaign and call on Madam Oby Ezekwesili to hit the street running again. I noticed they have gone quiet since their party APC won the election.

    We are watching.

  2. I am so much impress to hear about Akon launches academy to help provide Electricity, not only in his country but to other Africans. That's really a big shame to our African Ogas that called themselves African Richest men

  3. Why Nigerians are so surprised by the way their lawmakers in the house of Representshameless behaves have we just suddenly forgot about the fence jumping that occurred in about less than 100 days ago!! Just make sure that when next you are to choose the representative from your own constituency be sure he possessed the Mayweather/Paquiao skills or else your vote is useless.

  4. Thanks for putting the show together and really liked it. If Nigeria is to go forward, they need people like these men to be singing the same song, meaning wording together for the betterment of the country. This could be the reason why other African countries could take over Nigeria in growth wise.

  5. Adeola you are Satanic with all the Yoruba people .nothing will happen to Ngozi and Madueke so stop making nosy okay If you are looking for people go and arrested bola tinubu okay he is the   the most corrupted Nigeria living with 18 bank account in Europe why Yoruba clover evil and what did Igbo people did to Yoruba .This war you people are looking for when it will come believe me you will all Run way okay

  6. Will African people ever get their shit together! We are the laughing stock all over the world. When will you fool realize we are one people no matter if you are from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Jamaica or African American we have a serious problem. While Europeans are getting stronger we are getting weaker!! Fucking morons!!!

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