Keeping It Real With Adeola – 169 (Nigerian Lawmakers & Jumbo Allowances) – Download here


This week on Keeping It Real, Adeola talks about the wardrobe allowance drama by Nigerian lawmakers.

In South Africa, a young Pastor is making Church members eat clothes, hair, and strip to demonstrate power.

In Uganda, rap news, known as Newz beat is fast trending, making it impossible for the government to completely censor news.

In Sudan, President Omar Al-Bashir receives a honorary welcome after facing arrest briefly in South Africa.

This week, Adeola applauds the people of Burundi in the U.S. for staging a protest at the United Nations headquarters.


  1. Girl o Girl…………. Finally u're back, i knew it that u can't run away from d show, As i dey follow u for sahara FB , na so i dey do on Youtube. It's great to knw u are back n keep on d gud work

  2. Thanks Adeola for listening to our passionate appeal to you to reconsider your decision to quit Keeping It Real. In the last two weeks I have been checking YouTube like a fisherman lost at sea looking for any news on you. I am so happy you are back. Keep the good job. Saharatv should know they have a gem in you. Their ratings will have dropped like stone had you not returned. We love you. Welcome back our favorite daughter.

  3. adeola of sharira or sahara repoerter whatever , if I hear u complain again , I will call on my God to raise fire on you,,,, idiot u campaign for change , and u must accept the changes,,,,,.

  4. Adela I almost cried when you said that the show is over.. I am a Togolese who lives in the United States but I feel like I'm in the dark but I don't watch your show, after episode 168,i was devastated but this week I just decided to what's your old videos and then I came across episode 169 and I cannot tell you how happy I am..thank you beauty
    PS. You are more loved than you know and I was one of the people who signed that petition

  5. Our girl is back!!!! Clearly Tee&Fii are subbies again…All our voices have been heard. Thanks you Sahartv. You see, our poeple when we do come together things move. Tee&Fii has some catching up to do xoxo.

  6. Why must Ms. Adeola be concerned about Mugabe stepping down?  Presidents in Nigeria have stepped down and Nigeria is still in shambles. Do we ask our Kings in Africa to step down? I would rather have the same president for 20 years, if  he is against the West, than to have a different president every 4, 5, 6, 10 or 12 years. What is the difference? We ask our presidents to step down only because the western powers say they should step down. Why is it that no one is asking the Saudi ruler to step down? At any rate, Ms. Adeola perhaps you should apologize to President Mugabe. He is an elder. And one thing, ALL presidents in the world kill people. You think Clinton and Bush didn't kill people? You actually believe Obama has not had people killed.  Western countries kill more people/citizens than any other nations. So, even if you were president, you would kill as well, if you actually intended to remain in power and do good for your people. That is just the necessary evil of "democracy".

  7. my sssssssiiiista..ah….ssssssssoooooooooooo glad you are back. Who else can deliver news like you?!!!..Keep the cameras rolling!

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